It would be wrong to say ‘Argentina will win the World Cup’: Coach Scaloni


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Photo: Collected. Lionel Messi captured in the same frame with coach Scaloni. 


And just a few months later, the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ Football World Cup is going to be held in Qatar. Various discussions have already started about who will win this season. As always, the favorites in this tournament are the arch-rivals Brazil and Argentina.

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Besides winning the Copa America last year, Lionel Messi’s Argentina won 33 matches in a row. They also won the Finalissima trophy this year by defeating Italy. All in all, Albicelesta are in their best form at the moment.

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Despite being in great form, coach Lionel Scaloni is reluctant to say that Argentina will win the World Cup. According to him, at least 10 teams will fight for the title in this World Cup.

Scaloni said that at least 10 teams will fight for the title in this season. And so I want to go match by match. To say that Argentina will take home the World Cup trophy would be a lie. Because all teams are great.

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According to Scaloni, Argentina’s greatest strength is Lionel Messi. This coach is optimistic about this wizard of football. He said, at the moment, Argentina’s greatest strength is Messi. Messi has shown his love for the national team. The image of which has emerged among his teammates. Messi has a great hunger to win.

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Argentina will start the tournament with a match against Saudi Arabia on the second day of the World Cup. Argentina’s rivals in the group stage are Mexico and Poland.

Source: Mundo Albiceleste.