How much better is Franz Beckenbauer than Pele-Maradona

How much better is Franz Beckenbauer than Pele-Maradona

He has been seen in different roles on the field in every World Cup. Sometimes a midfielder, sometimes a defender. After winning the World Cup as a player, he also won the World Cup as a coach. The name of this German legend is Franz Beckenbauer. He was also called Kaiser or Emperor for his leadership qualities. Won the Ballon d’Or twice. Franz Beckenbauer’s story today in a series of game-time reports ahead of the World Cup in Qatar.

Pele-Maradona or the current Messi-Ronaldo may not be able to replace them. They are all the best of their time. Who is the best of all time? That too is debatable. However, in 2013 World Soccer selected the best XI of all time, with one of them receiving more votes than Pele-Maradona. He is Franz Beckenbauer!

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The German gentleman has been seen in different roles at each World Cup. He played his first World Cup in 1964 as a midfielder. He also scored 1 goal in the quarter and semi-finals. He scored 4 goals in the entire tournament and won the bronze ball. But still they lost to hosts England in that famous final. Despite losing, Beckenbauer won the best young player award in the entire tournament.

In the 1970 World Cup, the defending champions faced England in the quarter-finals. Beckenbauer is seen as a defender in his second World Cup. England lead by 2 goals in 49 minutes. Beckenbauer brought Germany back into the match by scoring in the 68th minute. In the end, Germany won the match 3-2. But the Germans were eliminated from the tournament after losing again to Italy in the semi-finals.

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Failure in two consecutive World Cups means giving up. But Beckenbauer didn’t give up. As the saying goes, ‘If you fail once, try a hundred times’, he didn’t have to wait a hundred times. He succeeded in the third attempt. Played as a defender in the 1974 World Cup and helped Germany win the World Cup. Beckenbauer won the Silver Ball of Service.

Only two players have made it to the World Cup All-Star team three times in World Cup history. He was one of two players named in the All Star Teams of the 1966, 1970 and 1974 World Cups.

That’s about his playing career. Even as a coach he was very close to peak success and missed. His team finished runners-up in the 1986 World Cup final, losing to Diego Maradona’s heroics. After 17 years, the opponent is the same Maradona’s Argentina. This time he won the desired title.

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Only two people in the history of the World Cup have won the World Cup as both ‘player and coach’. Beckenbauer is one of those two. He won the Ballon d’Or twice as a player

He was also called Kaiser or Emperor for his leadership qualities. He is also the father of the modern sweeper. So the World Cup really comes back to the legendary Franz Beckenbauer.