Katra Cultural Village is being developed to entertain the visitors.

Katra Cultural Village is being developed to entertain the visitors.

An artificial village called ‘Qatara Cultural Village’ is being built in the Middle Eastern country ahead of Qatar World Cup. The village has all the modern facilities to ensure the entertainment of the visitors coming to Qatar from different parts of the world. Artificial hills, mosques, tourist centers, gardens are all eye-catching arrangements. The village will mainly entertain visitors to the World Cup by hosting various concerts and workshops.

The World Cup countdown has begun. The World Cup organizing committee is busy with all the eye-catching events in Qatar. In the cities of Qatar, beautiful stadiums, hotels-motels, establishments, museums, etc. are being organized. The organizers of the World Cup have already taken another aesthetic initiative to welcome around 15 million visitors from different parts of the world.

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More than 2 million people from different parts of the world have already booked tickets to enjoy this maharan. The desert country is building a cultural village called ‘Qatara Cultural Village’ to showcase Qatar’s heritage to visitors. The village is being built to host various cultural and artistic events during the World Cup.

It is being developed in such a way that a tourist can fulfill all his needs including travel, entertainment, cultural knowledge. Katara Cultural Village has various facilities including amphitheatre, gallery, garden, restaurant, mosque, artificial hill, garden, sea. The organizing authorities think that such a village is a great way to welcome visitors.

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“Katara Cultural Village is a foundation where we provide all kinds of entertainment, travel and culture for tourists,” said Salem Mabkhat Almari, director of Paklik Relations and Communications at Katara Cultural Village. It is different from other cultural centers in Qatar. Because, the country has beautiful architecture representing its culture. Apart from this, the village has hills and well-kept gardens. Katara village will be associated with various World Cup events.

Various events starting from World Cup concerts, workshops, fairs will be organized through Katra Cultural Village. Through which it will play an important role as a means of entertainment and gathering of visitors from different parts of the world.

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