FIFA Council Bureau takes preliminary action on the war in Ukraine. World Cups

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First and foremost, FIFA wants to reiterate its condemnation of Russia’s use of force in its attack on Ukraine. Violence is never a solution and FIFA expresses its deep solidarity with all those affected by what is happening in Ukraine.

FIFA has again called for the immediate restoration of peace and the resumption of constructive talks. FIFA is in close contact with the Ukrainian Football Association and members of the Ukrainian football community who have been asking for support to leave the country as long as the current conflict continues.

In order to address football-related issues and coordinate with UEFA, the FIFA Council Bureau – comprising the president of FIFA and the presidents of the six confederations – has unanimously decided to take immediate action on the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). And will apply until further notice:

No international competitions will be held on Russian soil, where “home” matches will be played in neutral territory and without spectators.

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The member association representing Russia will participate in any competition called “Russian Football Union (RFU)” and not “Russia”

No Russian flag or music will be used in matches involving teams from the Russian Football Union.

FIFA will continue its ongoing dialogue with the IOC, UEFA, and other sports bodies to determine any additional measures or sanctions, including possible exclusion from the competition if the situation does not improve quickly. The FIFA Council Bureau is ready to take any of these decisions.

Importantly, FIFA strongly believes that the sports movement should be united in its decision on this issue and that the sport should continue as a bearer of peace and hope.

Regarding the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifiers, FIFA has taken good note of the positions published on social media by the Polish Football Association, the Czech Republic Football Association, and the Swedish Football Association, and is already engaged in discussions with everyone. Of these football companies. FIFA will be in close contact to find a suitable and acceptable solution together.

Everyone affected by this tragic and worrying situation has FIFA thinking.