FIFA is launching a new app for footballers.

FIFA is launching a new app for footballers.

Authorities are using new technology in Qatar World Cup. Earlier it was reported that ‘Haya Card’ will be required to watch the game while sitting in the World Cup. Now FIFA is going to launch a new app. What’s in this app? Find out.

FIFA President Gianna In fantino 2022-23 Vision is designed to support football’s technological development. Footballers can know the field performance instantly through this app. The app was developed by world football’s governing body in collaboration with Fifa. This app can be used in Qatar World Cup.

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The FIFA Player app, meanwhile, will allow each player to access their individual performance data after each match. Not only that, the performance data of the players will be synchronized in the match, so that the players can see all the moments of their own performance in detail using different camera angles.

What’s more in the app:

Football Data Metrics
A combination of data and tracking data will be available through FIFA’s highly trained football performance analysts. For example, the amount of pressure an opponent exerts on possession of the ball when passing or receiving.

Physical performance test of players
Traffic cameras around the stadium will collect data on players on the field. How fast and how far a footballer has covered, number of actions over 25 km/h, top speed can be seen on the positional heat map.

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Football Intelligence Metrics
FIFA performance analysis and team insight data will be taken. The data is then fed into algorithms and models. This is the most interesting method to analyze the match.