Germany has banned spectators from entering the field.

_Germany has banned spectators from entering the field.worldcups.top_11zon

The German government has again banned spectators from entering the football field due to the spread of a new type of Corona Omicron.

For that reason, the Bundesliga will be played without spectators from 28 December.

Once again, the football field was destroyed by Corona’s attack. Despite playing multiple matches in the English Premier League (EPL), the authorities have not yet made a final decision.

However, considering the health of their visitors, the Germans are tough this time. Although they did not interfere in the celebration of the big day, they again insisted on adhering to the rules of hygiene.

Bundesliga authorities have decided to hold a closed-door match for the time being. They said the decision was taken in accordance with the law of the government.

Administration officials will meet again in the first week of the new year. Everyone thinks that a new decision can be taken considering the situation at that time.

Meanwhile, Corona also lost in the English Premier League. Last week, 42 ​​Premier League footballers and supporting staff came positive for Covid-19. Due to this, a total of 9 matches including the matches of Manchester United and Tottenham United had to be postponed. The Southampton-Brentford, Watford-Crystal Palace, West Ham-Norwich City, and Everton-Leicester City matches were then postponed.

And so the EPL authorities have reopened the state of emergency for a new type of corona omicron. Covid test should be made compulsory before the match. Special care is being taken for the entry of visitors into the gallery. All in all, English football has lost again in the Covid issue.

Several of the first Tottenham Hotspurs have been affected by the Corona wave. That is why the Premier League match has been canceled after Tottenham’s conference league match. Outbreaks of covid have been on the rise in various European countries since two weeks ago, from which football clubs have not been able to survive.

Hotspur’s footballers were tested before the match against Stade Renas in the UEFA Conference League on 10 December. Tottenham authorities say 13 coronaviruses have been identified at the club.