How much money will countries get by playing the World Cup?

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Qatar is now a city of festivals. Everywhere you look in the heart of the desert, there is only the taste of the World Cup. The whole country has been decorated by spending a lot of money. The football war will start on November 20. 32 countries will fight for a golden trophy. Supporters were eagerly waiting for this battle for four long years.

The first World Cup was held on Asian soil exactly 20 years ago. The event held in Korea-Japan was a great success. The World Cup is again on Asian soil. This year’s venue is the Middle East country of Qatar. This is the first time that the beautiful flowers of World Cup football will spread in the desert of Arabia. The most expensive World Cup in history is unique for many reasons.

After a nerve-wracking month-long battle in World Cup football, the trophy will be handed to the winning team. Fans are curious about how footballers earn money by playing in the World Cup. The prize money of the champion team in the World Cup has surpassed all the previous tournaments. The prize money in the World Cup in Qatar has increased by 6 million dollars compared to the last World Cup held in Russia. The 2022 BIMBCUP champion team will get 42 million dollars.

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The runner-up team will get $30 million. 27 million dollars will be allocated to the winning team in the third-place match. The fourth-place team will get 25 million dollars. The fifth to eighth-place teams will receive $17 million each—all in all 6 crore 80 million dollars. Teams from 9th through 16th will each receive $13 million. All in all, 104 million dollars.

Teams 17 through 32 will each receive $9 million. In total, 14 million dollars will be given to the teams. If a team does not win a single match in Qatar World Cup, they will still get 1.2 million dollars just for participating. Each team will have the same allocation.

If they perform well, the federations have offered attractive cash prizes to the players of their country. So now only the footballers are busy preparing for the victory. A glimpse that should be shown on the main stage.