The media is lying, Ronaldo will tell the truth

The media is lying, Ronaldo will tell the truth

Cristiano Ronaldo’s future has been discussed since the start of the new season. In the meantime, one news after another has been about Ronaldo.

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However, the Portuguese star of Manchester United claims that 95 percent of the news about him is false. Ronaldo expressed his anger about the media on social media Instagram. Where he said, the media is lying about him.

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Recently, a fan page called CRSeven Lendario wrote in detail about the ongoing rumors about Ronaldo. While the fan page says, Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes has not contacted any club to sell the star. Rather, 5-6 clubs contacted to buy Ronaldo.

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However, this star did not change the party due to salary mismatch. Agreeing with the fan page’s claim, Ronaldo wrote in the comments below the post,

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“Everyone will know the truth only through interviews in a few weeks. The media is lying. I have a note book. 100’s of news have come out in the past few months. Of which only five were true. Think about it!’