The amount of money the Germans will get if they win the World Cup.

The amount of money the Germans will get if they win the World Cup.

After winning the 2014 World Cup, Germany are also overwhelmed with good teams. After failing in two Euros, Russia was eliminated from the group stage of the World Cup. Qatar World Cup is coming. Determined to do well at the World Cup, the German Football Association has announced huge bonuses to motivate footballers.

Qatar World Cup is less than two months away. Forgetting the nightmare of being eliminated in the group stage in the last World Cup, four-time world champions Germany are dreaming of a new title. Although there is no shortage of stars in the team, the Germans have been looking to beat themselves on the field for a long time. Therefore, the German Football Association has announced an additional bonus to motivate the team in the World Cup. Each player will receive 400,000 euros as a bonus if they win the World Cup. Its amount in Bangladeshi currency is 4 crore 79 thousand 925 taka.

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Before the World Cup, each team usually gives bonuses to the players. If they meet the target, they get this money as an additional gift along with other rewards. This bonus was announced by the German Football Association before the last World Cup. Compared to the last time, the amount of bonus has increased by 50 thousand. Even, this bonus amount is more than the bonus received after winning the World Cup in 2014. After winning the 2014 World Cup, each player’s bonus amounted to 300,000 euros.

Not only winning the title, but also getting to the group stage has a bonus. After passing the group stage, each player will get 50 thousand euros or a little more than 50 lakh rupees. If you reach the last eight, the amount will increase to 1 lakh Euro or 1 crore rupees.

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If you reach the semi-finals, the bonus will increase to one and a half million euros. In addition, the Nuer-Kimikhs will receive 200,000 euros or more than 20 million rupees if they finish third.

Germany is in ‘E’ group in World Cup. His opponents in this group are Spain, Costa Rica and Japan. Qatar will host the World Cup on November 20 and Germany will begin their mission with a match against Japan on November 23.

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