Qatar’s journey begins at two World Cup stadiums.

Qatar's journey begins at two World Cup stadiums.worldcups.top_11zon_11zon
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The FIFA World Cup is the biggest exhibition in the world. The countdown has begun. Not a year left. Most of Qatar’s stadiums have already been completed.

Meanwhile, the FIFA Arab Cup kicks off in Qatar on Tuesday (November 30). The tournament matches open the newly constructed venue for the FIFA World Cup, Stadium Nine-Seven-Four, also known as Ras Abu Abud Stadium. In addition, another new stadium Al Bayt has also started its journey.

Meanwhile, the construction of the stadium is being widely criticized. Human rights organizations have always been vocal. But where is the time for the Qatari authorities to look at him?

Exactly one year before the World Cup, FIFA had a tradition of hosting the Confederations Cup in the host country. According to that tradition, the continental champions were to be held in Qatar this year. However, in 2019, FIFA canceled the Confederations Cup.

Qatar is still hosting the World Cup a year before the start of the World Cup. After 9 years, FIFA Arab Cup is going to be held with 16 teams. And this time the Arab World Cup will be played in 6 venues.

One of the venues of this year’s World Cup is Stadium Nine-Seven-Four. The Arab Cup will also be on this ground. As the name suggests, this stadium has a special feature.

It is the first temporary stadium in the history of the FIFA World Cup. The stadium will be demolished after the World Cup. The site, formerly known as Ras Abu Abud, was built using recycled shipping containers. The seats used in the stadium will be dismantled and then given to the least developed countries in Africa as aid. So came the idea of building a stadium through the architecture of Fenwick Eibar.

The 40,000-capacity stadium will host a total of six matches, including the semi-finals of the FIFA Arab Cup and the third-place finisher. The UAE and Syria will face off in the first match of the Arab Cup at this dazzling stadium on the seashore.