World cup ,Which country got the most tickets?

World cup ,Which country got the most tickets?

More than 3 million tickets have been sold for the Football World Cup. FIFA president Gianni Infantino said Qatar and US citizens bought the most tickets. He urged everyone to collect the tickets for their favorite matches now as they are still available. At this time, Infantino expressed satisfaction with the overall organization of Qatar. The FIFA boss also thinks that the importance of this arrangement is immense to forget the truce and come to the path of peace.

Counting down the days, the Greatest Show on Earth is just over a month away. In the meantime, Qatar has completed the overall preparation of all its events. Organizers are determined to make the first World Cup to be held in the Middle East a success at any cost. The members of the organizing committee spoke to the media. They gave updates on various aspects of the event and ticket sales and were joined by FIFA president Gianni Infantino via video conference.

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Meanwhile, the FIFA boss applauded the success of the organizers in selling tickets. Thank you to the citizens of Qatar, the USA, Saudi Arabia, England, Mexico, UAE, Argentina, France, Brazil, and Germany. According to calculations, citizens of these countries bought 2.8 million of the 3 million tickets sold.

FIFA president said, what Qatar has done is incredible. They taught a non-football nation to love football. Taught to dream. By my count, they have already sold three million tickets. Most of which are bought by people from outside the East. So I congratulate this huge community. And on behalf of Qatar, I am inviting them to this grand event of the World Cup. Hope they have a great time in this country.

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FIFA is also quite satisfied with the other arrangements of the World Cup. Infantino thinks that the measures taken by the locals, especially in Qatar’s transportation and housing, are worthy of praise. Despite all this, if there is any problem, he called for the formation of a special cell to solve it. Besides, in this world full of war and violence, when people are crying all around, and humanity is suffering from a food crisis, then the FIFA President believes that this World Cup will bring everyone under one umbrella. He urged everyone to stop the bloodshed and come to the path of peace.

“This World Cup is a symbol of peace and unity,” said Infantino. I will tell everyone, to forget the war and come to the path of peace. Let people find entertainment. I invite everyone to Qatar regardless of country, caste, caste, or creed. Come and enjoy football to the fullest.

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